Monday, 27 June 2011

The White Bear way

Set of pix from Whitebear way2011

2 Lads hill, supposed to be  the burial graves of a Saxon King's sons. 

Two Lads Hill, But there are 3 Cairns

Looking Back Rivington hill in the background.

Looking back, the pursuit is on!

Reebok Stadium in the distance

Winter Hill mast

Looking from the mast at Winter Hill back towards Belmont. A good place for racing cyclists to train

From Winter Hill, it can be pretty desolate at times

Its a big thing!

The main mast, We thought it was swaying, but it was us!

The memorial is on the wall

A Radio Ham's dream

Past the mast

Looking towards Hordern Stoops, but we don't go that way its a dead drop off the edge!

From Hordern Stoops, looking up Winter Hill

Wellington Bomber Memorial looking towards Winter Hill, looks a long way - it is

Anglezark Resevoir - Adlington is 2 miles away as the crow flies, Yeah right.
Started at Adlington Scout hut, crossed the Railway and the A6 and then the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Along the Canal, Up two Lads and then Winterhill, Rivington Castle stuck in somewhere, great big circle round, find canal and back home. Not so tricky nav, found yet a new route from Jepsons gate and then seemed to forget the last bit. Went with Kyle, a bit of running in the middle, good pace. Met some old acquaintances, back home for pie and peas. A seriously good day and quite reasonably quick. Will probably do this as an unsupported run at the end of the summer. Thanks to Adlington scouts for a really good day out.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Lytham Run

Seemed to be out for a long time. Managed to crank out just over 9 miles. The lorries from the moscow state cirdcus were flashing their lights and waving at me as they drove up to Lytham. Not bad run - notmuch seems to hurt although I felt tired all day

The 18th of June is the White Bear Way. Pretty flat - should run quite a way.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hottest day of year!

Shipley was good, did lots of photos. Di spent lots of money! Great cafe on way home at Gisburn called the" Strawberry fields" Not a Beatle in site, good service pleasant conversation and very clean and orderly. Will definitely go again.

Found the place with lots of help from Knickers the Sat Nav. Will add a couple of photos here when I get chance.

The BAttery pack for the camera arrived today. Fitted a treat. Impressed.

Ran JEB tonight fastest time info underneath

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Visiting Gollum again

Seemed like a good run, late at night as usual and didn't really want to go however got out and quite enjoyed myself. This is my seventh run and I am starting to feel that I belong again.
Once more on Mapmyrun. Nearly completed the doors in my shed. Archiving can start!