Monday, 30 May 2011

Long Run

Spring Bank holiday is here and it is pouring down, however lasy night was quite clear and dry, which gave me the opportunity to bash out a fairly long run. 7.5 miles in 1 hour 26 mins. Certainly not exactly quick but, but OK. Felt fine all the way round, and managed to speed up at the end. My longest none stop run for nearly 2 years - certainly from being a 60 year old! - Lost a kilo too. The trick now is to keep the weight off.

Did some more work in the shed, preparing the the archive store and will break down all the old papers int plastic pockets in some sort of order. There is some much material there, keep me busy for years to come!

Going to rationalise this blog and try and make it keep up with some of the other blogs. Why have I got Spanish on my tweet feed?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Running again, in a sort of Gingerbread way

Completed the "Gingerbread round " in the Lake district, those are pictures from it.  Got to admit that this was seriously taxing. My uphill muscles stopped working followed by my downhill muscles. However got some good pix.
Fairfield heading towards the pass, takes you back to Grasmere
Loughrigg Fell
Heading up Loughrigg fell from High Close
Beginning descent of the fell
Can spot the bridge thet heads towards Easdale Tarn
Loughrigg steps towards Grasmere
Grasmere from Loughrigg

From Loughrigg, Grasmere on the left

Cafe Treff Hanglider

Cafe Treff Hang-glider

Cranking out runs regularly. Very slow but I have managed a 5 miler. Didn't do the Fellsman though.  The next major run on the itinery is the "White Bear" way followed by the "Rossy way in a day"