Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Selling Stuff and feeling down

Managed to sell my wheels on ebay £52 is OK for the pair. They came off the Giant Defy, and although they are good wheels they take up space. I do not think they are as strong as the ones I built. Haven’t run at all for 10 days feeling very tired, but I have ridden the treader to and from work. A few ominous creaks... and I got my first puncture in the Schwalbe Marathon pluses! Back tyre too... However I have ridden a whole season on them and this is the only time I have had a puncture. About 2000 miles. Doesn't seem to be any wear on the front and only a little on the back! What a pig to get off!

Just bought a Cateye 610 2 led front light. Pretty big let you know how we get on. So bright it hurts my eyes.

The next Challenge event is "Where Eagles dare" in the lake district. Hopefully have company for this. Traditionally it was always the weekend of "Boyds Memorial Skyline" and the weather is good.

But on the Bright side - all my A Level students passed well in this summer's exams Well done people and good luck!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hello World - Raining again!

Pretty Hectic few days!
Ran on Saturday - Slightly longer than usual... Slow but OK.
Sky ride Blackpool on Sunday. Had both grand nippers got out at about 10 AM - Rode to Blackpool and joined the ride about 10:20 _ Expected to see eldest son about 12pm, but didn't show till a bit later! Meanwhile I had gone round and round and round about 11 times in all. Got captured by the watt meter people and forced to do a sprint on a machine for 250 yards. Pretty pleased to discover that I was only 2/10ths of a second slower than the actual winner in the 50 year old bracket!

Birley Street Blackpool

Stanley Park

Stanley Park Cafe
 These are not my Pix - came from Sky website - Not on any of them.

However they don't have a section for over 60's! Fairly miffed as I had already done 40 miles at this time and ran a time trial the previous night!
Got home fine! Weather was good too!

First day at work today! Cycled in legs shredded! Phone call at work came home early!

But another 10 miles on the clock.

Another loan to Kiva $25 to a Paraguayan lady who runs a shop - impressive business!

Hopefully sort out some of the pix from Truro now!

Should run tonight - but will run tomorrow - that’s a promise!! - Started Medieval Latin course today!

Hoping to have twitter back soon!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Back in the swing!

Three runs in the past week! All went fine, pretty wet underfoot but OK. Longer run on Saturday. Sunday its the Blackpool Skyride - Same day as Blackpool’s first home match. Cracking organisation that!

A quick pic to remind me of summer hols

Hi Pamela! St Agnes style!

Rain pelting down as I write this!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Been away!

Have done what I thought was some serious running but in reality it is fairly rubbish - however some of the photography has been pretty good. Cornwall is just stuffed with old artifacts.  On the way down stopped at Brean One long road Caravans and tents all the way down to the beach - However the campsite was really good. Got the tent up and manageed a run. The church and the memorial was an added bonus. The real article will appear in Stonechaser

However a 16th Century church!
St Bridgets Brean
Very rarely run with the camera and the light was going.