Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Blog!

New blog, A challenge to any photographer is to capture light through a window. Looking at the history of windows glass especially that in churches. The blog is here - but here is the picture that is on the first blog.

Lastingham crypt

Different note!  Thanks to the comments about the shots in St Annes Square - as usual landed in the inbox and not on the blog!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Switching on the lights in St Annes

Some pictures from the Christmas lights switch on!

Who are these people?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Stained glass at Ansdell

Another neat tidy image. This is the only stained glass in this extremely compact church. Above the Altar in the west end of the church! Surely this is the wrong way round. The alter is in the east normally ... True. It seems the church can be any way round God likes!

It is high in the wall,
Just sort of sums up the shoreline, the sea and the sky.
A mix of dividing into thirds, but also halves too
No other stained glass in this church.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Frantic Times

Seems to have been frantic for the past 2 weeks.
Noro virus struck the entire family. For 3 days I thought my innards had dissolved, however it gave me plenty of opportunity to read sleep and play with flash. Seem to have got my enthusiasm back for the memorials job. Uploaded several to the Stonechaser blog. Many Many hits - very pleasing. Will upload photos when I get chance.

Ofstead at work, fortunately only got hit once - no comments - nothing - that is good, very good even though it was quite a peculiar lesson!

Got to get back on the road.

Pond attacked by a heron - but the dog saw it off - Hungarian special forces dog - not to be messed with!

Yes and 2 loans to Kiva that is building up nicely too! 97 weeks to go! Roll on 5D for all you photo nuts out there.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Couple more shots

More table work!
Breakfast! Can't be beat!

The Lemon on the left from the fridge - that an the right the Microwave
Apparently keeps things fresh - Doesn't do much for the Lemons!
Taken with the tube.
Using the extension tube to grab a couple of shots. Wondering the best way to get more sparkle into the shots!

Went to a wedding reception at the"Villa" in Wrea Green.  The trifle was a minger. I know that I have felt seriously grim for 4 days. But Honestly!!

My last complaint this Sunday night is the price of  Morrisons Nescafe Cappuchino £2.99. It is £1.50 as Asda - its even cheaper at the Tesco Express in St Annes! Sorry Morrisons. Your store is quite nice - the parking is awful and the prices are through the roof!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Novo Virus

Got to keep up with writing stuff. Spent a whole week, slight exaggeration feeling absolutely shocking with runs. Felt like my entire body had dissolved inside. Body clock has been turned upside down. The whole family's got it from little granddaughter to ancient mother in law. However quite pleasing to learn that the Nearly-Midnight blog has exceeded 10000 hits and the Memorials blog is slowly catching up.

Spent a lot of time experimenting with the flash set up and the camera set ups.
Couple more shots below. Hopefully go to a wedding if my stomach allows me!
Milo - Really impressed about being photographed

Confetti box for the wedding

Our card - all made by Di from

Brolly flash and reflector for all three shots. Very much the same setup as the previous post.

Finally decided to give up my mother and fathers big secret, probably explaines a lot about my character. This will probably be done on my mothers section on nearly-midnight.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Update - well its about 100 weeks.

Not strictly true of course, there's a Kindle book in the pipeline! Some more hot photography, plenty of visiting and logging of memorials to do. Done plenty of runn ing but the nights are getting colder...
However a few quick photos to remind you!

Mostly experimenting! I will add a separate page onto the site with photographic reviews, techniques, and examples.
The set up... The flash is behind the umbrella

Moved in closer and shot the orchids. The
flash is coming from the left.

Straight in front of the orchids.
the flash is behind.

St Annes at night looking towards the crescent.
The long trails are passing cars. The
two orange street lights are where the zebra crossings are.