Monday, 24 February 2014

The Peelers, 23 Feb 2014

Manage to haul my ancient carcass round the Peelers Challenge event on Sunday. Great event, great weather and even better potato pie - thanks scouts. Pretty low turn out and I wasn't even last, I think I may have been a little quicker than a fortnight ago on the Anglezarke Amble. However lots of piccies done, And a video. Manchester Uni Canoe Club don't even know its here yet - they soon will!

However here is the Garmin Trace - for some strange reason there are spiky bits - even I don't get that lost! I absolutely agree with the average speed! Here is the panoramic approaching Peel Tower. Much of the route was on pack horse trails, there are many.There is a quick link to the canoe bible here. Great Amazon reviews!

Manchester in the very  hazy distance, Bury closer still. The hump on the left has Peel Tower, we went there and carried on to Bull Hill and Helmshore
  I stopped for at least 20 mins capturing the canoe footage. Well worth it, must get an HD camera, or a head cam or something that does a better job than the old Olympus camera
Elton Resevoir
Burrs Weir
Robert Peel
Two Tubs - my old watering hole - 42 years ago!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Plans

These are the plans for the immediate future:

Walking and Biking:
The Peelers (Tomorrow!)
2 Crosses
Fred Whitton - this is definitely a mistake!

Pendle Way in a day - Rossendale Mountain Rescue Team - done the Rossendale Way in a Day 3 times, so I know what I am doing - tongue really stuck in cheek here... the first one was really, really hard and I hurt one of my feet really badly. Finished with 2 paratroopers and a Geography teacher from Colne, the weather was foul all the way round we were continually getting lost added miles to the distance. The second I was on for 12 hours seriously, but something overcome me, I met a couple who were really struggling and I "persuaded" them to finish, he was in a considerably worse state than her. I knew dark was coming in and neither had a head torch. I stayed with them and guided these two in. The final one, a really good stretch in the middle, went too hard I guess, 12 hours was definitely on, but for some reason completely ran out of energy, sat down, stared at the rapidly disappearing figures in the distance, ate and drank everything I had, staggered to my feet and made it to the next checkpoint, the last but one. I met one of the lads there, who had previously passed me having his feet wrapped up in gaffer tape by a St John's Ambulance man. He was lent a walking pole and he continued the next 6 to the end. He was in a serious state at the end. Blood was oozing out of his trainers.

Rotherham 50 I am told that this is OK A good test for longer distances.
At least 1 audax and 100 mile bike ride
Try and ride 4 times a week and run 3 times a week
The Beaverbrook ride and the Trinity Hospice ride well as the college 3 miler.
Get weight below 90K
Continue to upgrade bike.
2015 Fellsman last chance qualifier!
The end target is the LDWA 100 in 2015 - so got to qualify!

More memorials locally
Upload the new batch of cards - looking forward to extending the Tottington Blog
Build a blog for links to CashnHits. Just going to promote this site.

Internet Work
Bye bye Neobux - Hey you were an expensive mistake
Cashn'hits doing well  $120 dollars so far professional upgrade - whatever that means, 251 referrals  too!

Really get stuck into work:
Because I know how little time there is left.
Photo work - when its gone its gone! As in old buildings and places.

Wheels and Wheelbuilding - self trained. Modify the new wheels and sell the new built ones. Just completed 3 more wheels great feedback and made a profit - roll on LazyWheels

That's it for now, say hi if you see me!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Turbo time

Bashing out many miles on the turbo - made bearable with the phone set up playing a selection of really dated music. Anyone remember "Alice's Restaurant"  - good for 2 miles! All the miles are logged on Mapmyride. Saying that a fair selection of Road in there too.

In a moment of madness put in an application for the Fred Whitton - The turbo will have to be set to extreme hill and see how I cope. Not missed a day so far - day 14 - The Target is at least 34 days!

So I do feel fitter and the heart rate has come down. The first real test of the year is the Anglezarke Amble - 2 blokes from work say they are doing it too!

Got an LX crankset at a ridiculously cheap price - That's going on - save a couple of 100 grams.

Half term!

Well its half term, edging ever closer!
For once in my life I elected to do the short course on the Anglezarke Amble. I felt awful climbing up to the top of Rivington Pike. I realised at that point this was not going to be good - I was wrong!

Heading to the top of Rivington Pike - all of 1.5 miles and I was feeling done in.
I coughed and sneezed all the way to the top until I coughed up something that resembled a seaslug - felt a lot better after that

Standing in front of Rivington Tower. This is made up of 9 shots stitched in Hugin

Slipper Low dog training - very impressed and totally unexpected!

Trotted past - the dogs were exceptionally well behaved!
We were exceptionally smelly by now!

Great Hill from the Slipper Lowe end. Went straight up here in one charge. However it was very windy. 80+ mph. Found a guy at the top in the shelter shivering, dragged him to his feet and we managed to get to the next checkpoint. Just over the top of the hill the wind picked me up and dropped me on my backside 5 yards away - Oh how we laughed-  not

Looking back Jubilee Tower which was on the route is far, far away!

The checkpoint straight after great hill and the  last checkpoint before the end.
Managed to add orange juice and hot tea together in my mug, too embarrassed to throw it away so I drank it ugh! No permanent damage though - made quite good time on the last section.

 As soon as I elected to go short I regretted it. I had to back in Blackpool by 7 looking and feeling my best. I didn't think I would make it. I don't believe it would have added more than 2 hours to the trip round. The wind was intense but never felt it was going to be a problem. Climbed all the hills OK after Rivington so the other stuff would have been OK - Roll on the Peelers!