Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cycling Updates

Managed to complete the last 15 miles of the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle with Kyle - Rode out to Kirkham and picked him up and rode back. Have now done about 15 miles on the cycle to work challenge, was in 8th position but it is sure to slip. Ran as well a couple of times. Going fine. Also visited Millfield school to see an unveiling of a roll of honour. Details will be posted on the Stonechaser blog. Busy week with paperwork, being the last week at college.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Rossendale Way in a day 46 miles

Pretty good day out. Hot all the way round - slowed a lot towards the end, but some great photos and superb support from the Rossendale Mountain Rescue - well they organised it! 46 miles is my longest bash of the year and really excellent prep for the Fellsman next May. However some photos

Compston's Cross at 6 am on a July morning

Beautiful - heading east, smell the new mown hay!

The "Rossendale Way" quite dry

The path is barely visible in parts

Boundary Stone

"You will not Pass!"

Technical at times - 25 miles in - This can be tricky

Enlarge it and print it - Digitalis

The end is where the white houses are.