Sunday, 27 October 2013

Well got to get the impetus going again.

Not so much not working at the blogs, but having so many iron's in the fire. The old bike has gone! Hopefully to a good home. I have the Defy 2 still but that is about to go to - Didsbury and then a trip around Cuba accompanied I hope by my newest acquisition. A Giant Talon 1 - the last of the 26ers. Wonderful bit of kit. Pictures to follow. Work has been manic. It will be really good to relax into a steady flow of work and not keep on dealing with sickness, audit and rotas. Endlessly.
The new blog at Wordpress slowly creeps along. Don't suspect the numbers will be anything like as good as the blogger ones.

My latest toy will be a Garmin 500 with all the trimmings - a report will be in Tools of the trade as I battle to understand it.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Wow! Summer Holidays

Haven't held off photographing stuff. My new installation of Fedora with a KDE desktop is really excellent - not crashed once in 2 weeks. It also has Luminance and Hugin and GIMP 2.8 installed already. Turned it into a powerhouse graphics workstation.

On the way into Grasmere - Wild Camping

Outside Burneside

Spent time on the ancient camper and now Millie has passed her test! New Tyres and ready to head south for some more research.

Here is a Hugin panorama:

Looking down on Grasmere lake

A quick look at a Luminance HDR image compared to a normal image!

The river at Burton in Lonsdale in HDR
The same shot in normal exposure
The last final Mod to the kit is Batch processing on GIMP - works really well. It was rubbish on on 2.6 but now straight forward - Takes ages though!

Currently doing 200 shots of St Annes Carnival to upload to the Datstore!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Grasmere 2013 and some GINGERBREAD

Well the weather was good, I even wild camped in Millie the ancient camper just short of the event site. I had a few worries about being disturbed, but I had a quite undisturbed night. Not so the following day, my fitness is really appalling and I really suffered, butI took some great panoramas and I got in the church and photographed the memorial too. Those pictures will be in the memorials blog. So the day was a success... I suppose.

View into Grasmere

Alcock tarn

On the way to High Rigg from Heron Crag

High Rigg, Fairfield in Mist

Looking back to Heron

Looking back into North Grasmere

Path to Fairfield on the right and Seat Sandal on the left

Monday, 11 March 2013

New Year (Old Year!!!)

Oh dear kept on wanting to blog so little time! A pathetic excuse but here goes! Completed the Keswick round with the Morecambe Bay and Bowland branch of the LDWA.
A good day out. Here are some landscape pix I did.
Old view of Braithwaite from a postcard.
This is where the event started

The summit of Cat Bells. Skidaw in the distance - behind Derwentwater

The other side of Derwentwater Cat Bells is facing! This is the view from the checkpoint.

The climb out of Rosthwaite. It is below and to the left

On the way to Walla Crag. There are one or two walkers up towards the right which I managed to catch.
There are more pictures to add but they have not been prepared yet.