Sunday, 28 April 2013

Grasmere 2013 and some GINGERBREAD

Well the weather was good, I even wild camped in Millie the ancient camper just short of the event site. I had a few worries about being disturbed, but I had a quite undisturbed night. Not so the following day, my fitness is really appalling and I really suffered, butI took some great panoramas and I got in the church and photographed the memorial too. Those pictures will be in the memorials blog. So the day was a success... I suppose.

View into Grasmere

Alcock tarn

On the way to High Rigg from Heron Crag

High Rigg, Fairfield in Mist

Looking back to Heron

Looking back into North Grasmere

Path to Fairfield on the right and Seat Sandal on the left

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