Monday, 31 October 2011

Kiva Loan, Running and riding the bike

Hey busy - half-term ended and did several runs and a long wet training walk.
Pleased about the 10 mile walk went well, found every puddle there was. The 5 mile run was good as well as the 10K. All pretty slow but OK.

Got a payment from my Pay to Click sites so it went onto a beekeeper Sarik.
A loan of $1,350 helped Sarik Kostandyan
to purchase beehive boxes and hay.
Note I put up a very small percentage Kiva does the rest.
Traffic fine on the road but got a bit caught out in the traffic on the prom. Came back in the Illuminations traffic.

Published on my blogpage 2 articles one on Wesham Hospital and one on Fairways in St Annes. Both destined to be closed!

Hopefully ride tomorrow so I can start to climb up the table of My Cycling Log. Now at least off the bottom.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Archiving information is a huge problem, however I have my own solution. If any one wants to copy it great, improve it even better. Take the photographs in the camera(s) and upload to the hard-drive. Make new folder with a suitable title say (Hollymount) and drag in all the pictures (p300056.jpg)that relate to that folder.

Inside that folder make a folder with the suffix web (Hollymountweb),
Photoshop/gimp all those photos in the (hollymount) folder and reduce to webready size and add web suffix again(p300056web.jpg) and then save to the hollymountweb folder.

You now have a folder with raw images, nested inside a folder of web ready images. (p300056web.jpg)

Upload to blog add text.

Save the Blog page in the ....web (hollymountweb).

Save this folder to CD rom and/or cloud/external drive.

OK works for me.

Monday, 24 October 2011

New stuff again

Well its half term and a chance to get things done.
Have done quite a few posts in the serious side of the blog.
Quite a few runs, walks too. English Heritage has looked at the pictures of the cross pedestal at Singleton and are going to put them on their pages. Whoopee a serious link!!!

Pedestal to a wayside cross, probably medieval!
Last officially seen in 1957 for what it is.
Probably a wayside cross.

Weight now down a bit more too after a long walk last night - feeling seriously hungry today! Have weakened and had 2 biscuits!

Added pictures to Wikipedia of St Peters in Mithian. The reference is here
My blog is here This blogpost is now an artifact not a memorial.

Put a picture in of the dog we all loved. We all miss you mate - You weren't exactly a hunting dog - unless it was biscuits, chocolate or any food whatsoever. This is for you. We got extra some time together....
Going to do another Kiva loan tonight keep you posted.

Seems the solar panels are on their way : Carbon Neutral blogging!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

More Stuff

Did not manage any serious biking but got out for a run. Pretty much did something every day though. Losing a bit of weight too! Published 32 pictures in the Datastore of Birkenhead House - the Land Registry.

Its a Huge '60's Building - so much concrete....
Outside the main entrance
32 pictures in all, Used to work at Cooksons Bakery next door. At the Datastore is also the sales PDF from the agents - So if you have £3.25 million doing nothin' - bargain of the century.....

Sunday, 16 October 2011

On the SandDunes

Well did not run the "Bottom's Up". Perhaps it was the new tablets the doc given me for my blood-pressure. Tiring just before half term - guess a mixture of all this things. However the weights falling off. Well not exactly falling off! but it is definitely coming off.  92.8 K. Thats about 1 k less than last week. I am amazed how little |I have eaten. Cheese is going off in the fridge, Corned beef thrown away. Loads off bread left, Tea-cakes gone hard. Two days of salad in a row.

Managed to run last Saturday night - the same day, the old dog was put to sleep - I dedicated the run to him. Gale force winds one the Monday and Tuesday. But I did run at night. Back on the bike on Thursday and Friday and agin on Saturday. Did nearly 50 miles in a week! So ran the sand dunes twice today. A sort of punishment for missing "Bottoms Up". There is nothing wrong with it, except it is just too muddy for me. Here are some pictures from a couple of years ago!

Houghton Towers

Salmsbury Bottoms

Salmsbury Bottoms

Witton Park

Owl at Witton Park
So managed to crank out a double run on the sand dunes at Lytham. Not bad Guilt solved and one week to go to half term Woopie Doo!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Airshow 2011 at Blackpool - These were not models!

Good to try out the new lens for the camera. Seems to work out fine!

This was the last airshow before the Red Arrows pilot died!

Bond Helicopter

Breitling Wing walker

Stunt plane

Right in the middle of the airshow a Manx2 plane landed!