Sunday, 16 October 2011

On the SandDunes

Well did not run the "Bottom's Up". Perhaps it was the new tablets the doc given me for my blood-pressure. Tiring just before half term - guess a mixture of all this things. However the weights falling off. Well not exactly falling off! but it is definitely coming off.  92.8 K. Thats about 1 k less than last week. I am amazed how little |I have eaten. Cheese is going off in the fridge, Corned beef thrown away. Loads off bread left, Tea-cakes gone hard. Two days of salad in a row.

Managed to run last Saturday night - the same day, the old dog was put to sleep - I dedicated the run to him. Gale force winds one the Monday and Tuesday. But I did run at night. Back on the bike on Thursday and Friday and agin on Saturday. Did nearly 50 miles in a week! So ran the sand dunes twice today. A sort of punishment for missing "Bottoms Up". There is nothing wrong with it, except it is just too muddy for me. Here are some pictures from a couple of years ago!

Houghton Towers

Salmsbury Bottoms

Salmsbury Bottoms

Witton Park

Owl at Witton Park
So managed to crank out a double run on the sand dunes at Lytham. Not bad Guilt solved and one week to go to half term Woopie Doo!

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