Monday, 24 October 2011

New stuff again

Well its half term and a chance to get things done.
Have done quite a few posts in the serious side of the blog.
Quite a few runs, walks too. English Heritage has looked at the pictures of the cross pedestal at Singleton and are going to put them on their pages. Whoopee a serious link!!!

Pedestal to a wayside cross, probably medieval!
Last officially seen in 1957 for what it is.
Probably a wayside cross.

Weight now down a bit more too after a long walk last night - feeling seriously hungry today! Have weakened and had 2 biscuits!

Added pictures to Wikipedia of St Peters in Mithian. The reference is here
My blog is here This blogpost is now an artifact not a memorial.

Put a picture in of the dog we all loved. We all miss you mate - You weren't exactly a hunting dog - unless it was biscuits, chocolate or any food whatsoever. This is for you. We got extra some time together....
Going to do another Kiva loan tonight keep you posted.

Seems the solar panels are on their way : Carbon Neutral blogging!

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