Monday, 31 October 2011

Kiva Loan, Running and riding the bike

Hey busy - half-term ended and did several runs and a long wet training walk.
Pleased about the 10 mile walk went well, found every puddle there was. The 5 mile run was good as well as the 10K. All pretty slow but OK.

Got a payment from my Pay to Click sites so it went onto a beekeeper Sarik.
A loan of $1,350 helped Sarik Kostandyan
to purchase beehive boxes and hay.
Note I put up a very small percentage Kiva does the rest.
Traffic fine on the road but got a bit caught out in the traffic on the prom. Came back in the Illuminations traffic.

Published on my blogpage 2 articles one on Wesham Hospital and one on Fairways in St Annes. Both destined to be closed!

Hopefully ride tomorrow so I can start to climb up the table of My Cycling Log. Now at least off the bottom.

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