Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lighteach Flattened

Sorry to say that "Lighteach", a fine old Victorian house on the Promenade has been flattened! Pictures of the original are here

On a lighter note the solar panels are up and producing electricity - but they are taking out the ancient breaker. Big bill tomorrow to renew this.

So have had 1 day of free electrickery! Then the RCD blew. However the sparks are coming back to replace the consumer unit with a brand spanker. Not in the budget so its extra! However it has taken out the Modem. I didn't know this at the time and just decided that it had thrown its hand in... Bought a new one breaker went again... Modem broke. Realised the problem, blagged my way with PC world and got my money back. Bought a Belkin wireless modem that is flying along. Fitted downstairs. Plenty of research later discovered that large spikes of voltage and current can cause these issues. Have bought myself a £10 surge adapter for the mains and I have a couple of Ethernet and Phone protectors coming from Amazon. I will add more to the blog when these things are understood. Also when the solar panels are actually producing power. I think the new rate at 21pence was probably a goer too - but it has sure taken heart out of the industry. Guess lucky to have it fitted in time for the higher rate.

So a good idea, but again it costs!

Lastly Mildred has moved in a 20 year old campervan has taken up residence in our drive. Disheveled orphan and has got more oversteer than a 32 wheeler. Goodness knows how she drives in the snow! Needs lots doing but we have big plans.

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