Sunday, 20 November 2011

Back to Work and as usual other stuff

Well laid up with Asthenia - even had an ECG. Doctor said - Oh by the way the tickers going fine, just a bit slow! Apparently he  and the nurse could detect extra beats in the heart that I couldn't. Have had a revisit to the doctor full of a cold - suggested I returned when I felt better! It is to check over the BP not to check I have a leg or an arm sticking out at each corner.

Citroen C15D
However the important stuff. We did the first trip in the little white camper. All the way to Skipool - no photos. Expect to join the Romahome club shortly. Lovely little thing but there is so much wrong at present - nothing insurmountable - just expensive. Bought a new leisure battery - there's a few quid gone. Am going to need a charger too.... How about wheels?

View from the front
C15 Romahome
Been on the bike today 12 miles to a car boot sale came back loaded- as in loaded up - legs turned to jelly.

Been a while since that's happened - Of to Edinburgh with students - in a hotel! (I unwittingly wrote hotel here! Its a hostel - there was I lounging in hot baths going to the gym deli - foods of choice evening bar - escorted tours - that much is true.) ( have to be fair I quite enjoyed it clean, tidy room was pretty secure - would I go again YES! - prices good too- food could be awsome!)  Chance to run and take photos - for the blog.

At last some proper work. I hope things have been done while I have been away.

Go Tux Go
After 20 years of telling students not to spill drinks on the computers - spilled cappuccino on mine. I now have a nice Applemac look alike one on my rig now. But the keyboard is all spongy just like an Apple. ARRRG!! Its a Linux machine!! This can't be right!

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