Friday, 2 December 2011

I'm back

Playing with Anti-Matter
Still nursing a gigantic cold - did Edinburgh, that was fun. Went to places I have never been to before. Plans went astray but spent a seriously great 3 hours in the light thingy next to Edinburgh Castle. Played with AntiMatter - see photo. Got my run in and managed to get to the Dean's Cemetary but it was closed at the unearthly hour I was there in the morning.

I had forgotton how steep the hills were there. But other runners were pretty friendly. No cyclists are on the pavements there! The pavements are pretty well laid too. But the cobbles are seriously slipy. Rats didn't take my camera - quite racked off as I visited some interesting stuff on the way back, but I didn't catch it. However Edinburgh is still going to keep me busy.

To my follower, managed to run all the way way up from Waverley station up the secret stairs to the top - back along the bridge and to the hostel on Market street the same day. Going back for my lungs later! Going to update this with some more photo's later when prepped. Off to London tomorrow on a Family History job, but not sure that I can publish that STUFF here!


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