Thursday, 22 December 2011

Linux and all that!

Well - have to be honest Debian was just toooo fiddly - nice distribution and all that but almost everything has to be fiddled and I really don't have the will to dive in through the terminal for almost everything. Tried Fedora very likable, elegant but not really me. Quite liked the Gnome 3 desktop - some strange quirky stuff there -but OK. Took 8 mins to install !!!!
Jumped onto Suse the green chameleon thing. Loved the desktop but the KDE job is really mysterious - decided to persist but getting the flash p;ayer to install was a real pain - sometimes it worked and other times it kept asking for codecs that didn't exist.

Finally loaded Ubuntu 11.04, took time to install, but worked a treat - really happy everything worked - now I just have to figure out how to get the network printer to work I shall be a happy bunny.

I will load up another PC with some other distro and see if I can get them to talk to each other.

Well the Fellsman is the 28th and 29th of April. Could easily my only chance of a completion. I got further each year.

The Logo from the Fellsman Website

Felt quite good on most of the runs last year.Training starts Boxing Day - a week early.

Have pencilled in some runs before this event to see how they go? And I want to have a go at the Jake of Winter Hill challenge! as well. As always this time of year is optimistic as far as the running is concerned!

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Jake of Winter Hill said...

let us know how you get on the challenge, Jake of Winter Hill