Sunday, 25 December 2011

Well its Christmas!

Its almost time for all those New Year Resolutions and the dreams that go with them. A complete of the Fellsman is the number 1 challenge - this may get me to the Wenlock Olympics - we shall see.
Had payments from LinkGrand and also Clixsense as well as Vale - Wordlinx is coming along too!
Think I will add a page on these really dependable sites and circulate it on a new page. Every click through payout has gone into Kiva.  - Its a great way to save and play my part.

No Snow - Mildred has now a new battery in the engine compartment too. Bit cleaner and all the habitation area is cleaned up too. Faced with 4 or 5 new tyres - as well as welding. Have to see my Mech about the welding - could be dear.

Money over Christmas spent on tools 3/8 sockets for the Millie van - possibly some into the current account for the general web bills and stuff.

Incidentally this build of Ubuntu is just flying along!

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