Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Shortest day of the year!

You can tell its Christmas - its dark - but it means so much more! New beginnings - running again perhaps, looking forward to the Fellsman - my major event of the year - I hope. Not sure I will get many more attempts at this.

Been to the Bike meeting - not one person turned up on a bike!

However made another loan on KIva. This is my 9th loan.

La Esperanza Group

They market and sell milk in Paraguay!

We got a nice letter of thanks from a lady in the Philippines about her loan. - It's great to know we are helping people. I shall save that for another mail.

Thanks to Clixsence providing me with a payout I have passed it along, someone else will benefit.

Perhaps I should make a page in my blog about PTC sites and also traffic generators.

Managed to solve the leaks in Millys roof, discovered the air in the tyres was only 28 psi when should have been 40 - 45., Varnished the floor and started putting the curtains up. Few major jobs to do - like Cambelt and tyres. Next year a good run and possible welding.

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