Saturday, 31 December 2011

Final Post of the Year - Goodbye 2011

Not a great year - but not too bad - survived at work! Thanks people if you are reading this - you are seriously the best! Don't forget staff development! Dealing with challenging behaviour (like an inspection!)

Quite a lot of biking - spent on bike too - felt a bit stronger too, no long rides Run a bit more too - Not so many marathon walks, but felt pretty pleased with the Rossy Way and the Gingerbread. Did not really like the Beacon Bash - bad attitude from the organiser. Loved the Peelers too - back on home turf! Got up Peel Tower!! Highlight of year - sorry really bad pun! Another of the old stalwarts gone - Boyd will have been waiting for you Bill!

The 2 unexpected trips out! The first to Edinburgh  - Thanks K & J, rats to forgetting the camera on the last day . Obviously not a pro - must never let THAT happen again! The second to London - thanks too - not for this blog. (There is no way I would have been to the places I went - really grateful and appreciated)

Great acquisitions - Shares that are going well against the flow if the BKIR picks up Whoopee! but the others are doing OK too.

Strange spending all that money on Solar Panels, never stopped raining for - well it seems weeks! Now obsessed with the meter thing - bluetooth argh - cant believe it won't talk to my phone - its a metre apart, my phone talks to the lift at work??

Mildred - you and I are going to have a great meaningful relationship - "menage a trois" with the Lady of my Life.  Hard to believe I've just used French!!

Figures for the blogs  187 posts, 7510 hits. 3 payments, unexpected progress from Amazon. I have broken even financially. This really was only 7 months. But lots of great feedback from an appreciative audience. My next blog will outline the targets for the year 2012.

Goodbye 2011! you were great!

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