Saturday, 7 January 2012

Just past Midnight! Next year's aims

Finished about a week of running, ordered my beautiful new lens - hope its as good as the reviews say! I have got lots of pictures on the hard drive - just a matter of editing them and getting them in the blog. Possibly a new body - both the camera and maybe me! Possibly experiment with a big flash gun and get inside some places I really want to!

Target is to get to 500 posts - looking deeper into the sights (sites) that I find. Maybe discover some new places that have not been photographed yet. Improve my skills too! The local area is absolutely teeming with interesting stuff! I still don't understand why the Smithy Lane Milepost has the largest number of hits - weird! Do more reviews and build more links!

Will need to look at LazylikeSunday to try and streamline that too.

Make sure the solar kit pays as well as I hope. That will be covered in the Active Particle blog!

Look at shares that give a yield to feed back into LazylikeSunday too. 

The Fellsman is still the number 1 target! Doing a good job at work is also important - the more time I can get the better the springboard will be when I do this full time! (1100) in 2 years.

Lastly currently making a Kiva loan every month. I can afford this until at least March with funds coming in!  The new blogsite will hopefully help this along!

And lastly - the other woman - got to keep her in good fettle - she's an old girl and needs looking after - got to plan summer soon!

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