Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Off Work!

Seem to have got some sort of virus! Seems to be in the post stage and I will get better. Blown up 2 modems with big spikes on the phone line - where are those suppressors Amazon! Hurry! But producing electricity - need to check that both banks are producing power. Will post pictures.

No runs or rides - Having cabin fever here. Left people in the lurch running around after me not so good... No pictures to add - and not a lot done to the blog.

There will be another Kiva loan in the next couple of days: That will bring up 8 in all. Will post a picture. Seems to be another Bee keeper! Good luck Alen. It will be 2013 when you have paid off your loan to all of us.

Thanks to the PTR's who unknowingly support the Third World edge a little closer to a realistic and decent way of life!
Alen is engaged in beekeeping. He would like to expand his business, for which he needs some financial investemnts. With the requested loan Alen plans to purchase beehives. Additional beehives will allow Alen to develop his beekeeping business and increase his income. This is very important for Alen and his family, as he plans to get married. Additional income will help his family in the future. Alen lives with his parents.

Will be putting video on more blogs from now on. The first vid seems to have gone down well. Having a bath and an early night. Reading Shackletons Antarctic adventure - what an amazing leader of men!

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