Thursday, 27 October 2011


Archiving information is a huge problem, however I have my own solution. If any one wants to copy it great, improve it even better. Take the photographs in the camera(s) and upload to the hard-drive. Make new folder with a suitable title say (Hollymount) and drag in all the pictures (p300056.jpg)that relate to that folder.

Inside that folder make a folder with the suffix web (Hollymountweb),
Photoshop/gimp all those photos in the (hollymount) folder and reduce to webready size and add web suffix again(p300056web.jpg) and then save to the hollymountweb folder.

You now have a folder with raw images, nested inside a folder of web ready images. (p300056web.jpg)

Upload to blog add text.

Save the Blog page in the ....web (hollymountweb).

Save this folder to CD rom and/or cloud/external drive.

OK works for me.

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