Monday, 29 July 2013

Wow! Summer Holidays

Haven't held off photographing stuff. My new installation of Fedora with a KDE desktop is really excellent - not crashed once in 2 weeks. It also has Luminance and Hugin and GIMP 2.8 installed already. Turned it into a powerhouse graphics workstation.

On the way into Grasmere - Wild Camping

Outside Burneside

Spent time on the ancient camper and now Millie has passed her test! New Tyres and ready to head south for some more research.

Here is a Hugin panorama:

Looking down on Grasmere lake

A quick look at a Luminance HDR image compared to a normal image!

The river at Burton in Lonsdale in HDR
The same shot in normal exposure
The last final Mod to the kit is Batch processing on GIMP - works really well. It was rubbish on on 2.6 but now straight forward - Takes ages though!

Currently doing 200 shots of St Annes Carnival to upload to the Datstore!

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