Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Plans

These are the plans for the immediate future:

Walking and Biking:
The Peelers (Tomorrow!)
2 Crosses
Fred Whitton - this is definitely a mistake!

Pendle Way in a day - Rossendale Mountain Rescue Team - done the Rossendale Way in a Day 3 times, so I know what I am doing - tongue really stuck in cheek here... the first one was really, really hard and I hurt one of my feet really badly. Finished with 2 paratroopers and a Geography teacher from Colne, the weather was foul all the way round we were continually getting lost added miles to the distance. The second I was on for 12 hours seriously, but something overcome me, I met a couple who were really struggling and I "persuaded" them to finish, he was in a considerably worse state than her. I knew dark was coming in and neither had a head torch. I stayed with them and guided these two in. The final one, a really good stretch in the middle, went too hard I guess, 12 hours was definitely on, but for some reason completely ran out of energy, sat down, stared at the rapidly disappearing figures in the distance, ate and drank everything I had, staggered to my feet and made it to the next checkpoint, the last but one. I met one of the lads there, who had previously passed me having his feet wrapped up in gaffer tape by a St John's Ambulance man. He was lent a walking pole and he continued the next 6 to the end. He was in a serious state at the end. Blood was oozing out of his trainers.

Rotherham 50 I am told that this is OK A good test for longer distances.
At least 1 audax and 100 mile bike ride
Try and ride 4 times a week and run 3 times a week
The Beaverbrook ride and the Trinity Hospice ride well as the college 3 miler.
Get weight below 90K
Continue to upgrade bike.
2015 Fellsman last chance qualifier!
The end target is the LDWA 100 in 2015 - so got to qualify!

More memorials locally
Upload the new batch of cards - looking forward to extending the Tottington Blog
Build a blog for links to CashnHits. Just going to promote this site.

Internet Work
Bye bye Neobux - Hey you were an expensive mistake
Cashn'hits doing well  $120 dollars so far professional upgrade - whatever that means, 251 referrals  too!

Really get stuck into work:
Because I know how little time there is left.
Photo work - when its gone its gone! As in old buildings and places.

Wheels and Wheelbuilding - self trained. Modify the new wheels and sell the new built ones. Just completed 3 more wheels great feedback and made a profit - roll on LazyWheels

That's it for now, say hi if you see me!

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