Saturday, 15 February 2014

Turbo time

Bashing out many miles on the turbo - made bearable with the phone set up playing a selection of really dated music. Anyone remember "Alice's Restaurant"  - good for 2 miles! All the miles are logged on Mapmyride. Saying that a fair selection of Road in there too.

In a moment of madness put in an application for the Fred Whitton - The turbo will have to be set to extreme hill and see how I cope. Not missed a day so far - day 14 - The Target is at least 34 days!

So I do feel fitter and the heart rate has come down. The first real test of the year is the Anglezarke Amble - 2 blokes from work say they are doing it too!

Got an LX crankset at a ridiculously cheap price - That's going on - save a couple of 100 grams.

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