Sunday, 11 November 2012

Couple more shots

More table work!
Breakfast! Can't be beat!

The Lemon on the left from the fridge - that an the right the Microwave
Apparently keeps things fresh - Doesn't do much for the Lemons!
Taken with the tube.
Using the extension tube to grab a couple of shots. Wondering the best way to get more sparkle into the shots!

Went to a wedding reception at the"Villa" in Wrea Green.  The trifle was a minger. I know that I have felt seriously grim for 4 days. But Honestly!!

My last complaint this Sunday night is the price of  Morrisons Nescafe Cappuchino £2.99. It is £1.50 as Asda - its even cheaper at the Tesco Express in St Annes! Sorry Morrisons. Your store is quite nice - the parking is awful and the prices are through the roof!

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