Friday, 9 November 2012

Novo Virus

Got to keep up with writing stuff. Spent a whole week, slight exaggeration feeling absolutely shocking with runs. Felt like my entire body had dissolved inside. Body clock has been turned upside down. The whole family's got it from little granddaughter to ancient mother in law. However quite pleasing to learn that the Nearly-Midnight blog has exceeded 10000 hits and the Memorials blog is slowly catching up.

Spent a lot of time experimenting with the flash set up and the camera set ups.
Couple more shots below. Hopefully go to a wedding if my stomach allows me!
Milo - Really impressed about being photographed

Confetti box for the wedding

Our card - all made by Di from

Brolly flash and reflector for all three shots. Very much the same setup as the previous post.

Finally decided to give up my mother and fathers big secret, probably explaines a lot about my character. This will probably be done on my mothers section on nearly-midnight.

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