Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bottoms Up!

Well it's still raining. 1.30 in the morning. The dog's been for a walk. He is looking balefully from under his blanket. Hates the rain and loves going out - he can't win. 

Bottoms Up - "event" organised by West Lancs LDWA. Wonderfully organised in fact. I suppose it is more or less the last major event of the year in the West Pennine part of the country. Having just spent 8 weeks cycling to work, felt I could give this event "big licks". This is my second go so I thought I knew the route. My sense of direction! Weather at the start OK, reasonably warm in fact, even at 8.30. This was probably the warmest I would ever be. Ran of at the start with Tigger and managed to put some space between us and the following walkers. before the mud! 800 yards in the mud started. As a road runner my laces were too loose. Having lost - and recovered both shoes in a sucking clingy bog before checkpoint one, tightened the laces and we were back to trotting to checkpoint 1. Which wasn't really checkpoint, more an open canteen, hit the tea just right - magnificent brew. Actually kept a really good pace to check point2. No-one passed us and we felt pretty please with ourselves. Between CP2 and CP3 the pain in the legs kicked in. Cramp in all 4 leg muscles. At St Lukes church, made the big mistake of sitting too long. My calves were actually really painful. I've only bailed in one event in the last 3 years.

My spirits were high, my legs weren't! After the oatmeal cake we were off. Strangely legs seemed to improve- for a while -until the gate. Climbing over managed to lock at leaast my left calf and my right thigh - I didn't know which hurt the most. Tigger guided me off, laughing hysterically. Made it to the end though. West Lancs did promise they would clear it of mud for next year!

Good event - nice badge and I bought a tee shirt to flaunt at work. They are even more concerned about my mental health now I am cycling as well as running.

Thanks for a great event West Lancs - see you next year! If any one reads this be there!

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