Thursday, 7 June 2012


Had to write stuff. Lots of changes going on. There is a growing number of visitors to the blogs. There are always interesting nice comments - thanks for the email Steve. This makes it all worthwhile. Hopefully you will find Moses in the cemetery! Anxiety levels start to grow about preserving all this digital data. Everywhere you turn has got a different view about the longevity of the information. I may well splash out on 2 1T portable drives. Less work than cd's, probably just as reliable but considerably less hassle.

Good day with the camera today. 3 sites photographed. The Catholic Church is really nice and the inscriptions photogenic and really well sited.

The Parish church, quite frankly has lost its appeal, The nave chopped in 3, The memorials are behind a "fence" hard to photograph. Lots of info though. Photographed the outside of Raikes Parade. Very interesting especially the house opposite. Needs research - apparently I have to write to the major to obtain permission to photograph the memorial.

Manage to cycle 33 miles in 1 day, quite kd the following day. Quite frankly training is rubbish.

Had an invite from the Imperial War museum to be a researcher - highlight of week. And also the Commonwealth War Graves Commision are putting a link on their site to Lazy... too. All things considered a good week.

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