Saturday, 22 December 2007

No Running!

Been off the road and work with galloping nasher pain!
Managed a few short runs before Christmas around my short circuits. Don't feel that I have lost too much fitness, but I am nowhere as fit as this time last year. Hopefully will be on the 2 Crosses on the 13th January 08 from Tottington community centre. This is my home town. These hills I have been over with my Father and Grandmother. This will be the 4th time and I've got faster everytime. Maybe its to do with knowing the route a little better. Only a few minutes behind my nephew last year. I will beat him if I can, should he come! Trying to get number 2 son on the route if I can. Few pix of Parlick and Paddy's Pole up. These are my hills now. On a nice day always people on the hill. Managed to do 10 reps up the steep side of Parlick in an afternoon. Averaged about 10 mins from the stile at the bottom to the highest point at the top. legs on fire though.

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