Thursday, 16 February 2012

2 Days Argh!

Well Wednesday was quite well planned - if I say so myself! However... Planned the trip to the library and St John's Church in Blackpool.

Parking - why is it so dear? - people have to shop, have they not figured out that people go to Preston instead - £1.50 for 2 hours. Got to the church at 12.45 to be told that it was going to shut. After running the gauntlet of answering the questions about was my photography profit making or not. It seems that I should book and can I be there at 9.30 - this is actually a possibility, difficult but a possibility!

Then the library - having got really intrigued by the Jack Parkinson business, I just had to pursue it. Arrived with the ISBN number in my hand to be informed that the book was out on loan, but there was another in the basement. Shirl disappeared... for ages! Eventually she tracked it down to the reference library upstairs. This was closed too! but they must have taken pity on me too, opened the library and also helped me use the microfiche - found all the info. Good photo's and great help! Up dated the Jack Parkinson blogpage.

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