Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its been a while.....

Although lots of effort has gone in to the other blogs this has sort have been neglected.

To Date:    Pretty extensive bike riding to the end of term - about 300 miles in all. 2 runs!

Several memorials visited including the inside of the White Shrine in Blackpool pix below:

Confessional at the south corner of the shrine.
Made my 15th Kiva Loan to this chap:

Henry De Jesus Gallego
Henry is a person who has characterized himself by being very hard-working and always wanting to offer his family a better quality of life. Henry is married and has two daughters, who are one and four. They are his motivation to work hard in his business. He has dedicated a large part of his life to agriculture. His father made a living this way and taught him it at a very early age. Thanks to this, he makes the income necessary to support his home, and he can offer a good quality of life to his family. With the good quality of his crops, Henry has managed to attract a number of customers, and he has guaranteed a good level of sales. With the motivation of taking good care of his crops, Henry is looking for a loan that will offer him the possibility of buying irrigation and fertilizer for his crops.

Click throughs are going well too. This is why Henry gets his loan!

It is also "Spring into Old Hutton" on Saturday - Taking the youngest and his girl friend. They're wild camping afterwards. Having my eyes tested today - new glasses.

Well over 10,000 hits on all the blogs.

However deeply distraught about finding real rust on Millie. Going to be quite expensive. Got great confidence in Ed next door.

The Linux machine has had a grade a wobbler. After substitution I think I narrowed it down to the processor. However running on an old AMD 3000 processor with 2 Gig. At one time my fastest machine! Loaded up Mint LXD and I have to admit for this sort of work it goes fine. It just creeps along doing image work and the big spreadsheet just crumples.

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