Monday, 30 April 2012

College Fun Run

Well it used to be my thing, but the big hills seduced me. Whoever said it was the first college fun run of course had been misinformed. At least the third that I can remember. There was one on the Seafront by the Gynn, one also by Butlins. I recall the former Principal taking part. Reg and I ran a lot together. Way back in the late '60's there were some fine athletes at the college - indeed the College even had a sports day! Won the Steeplechase and represented the college at the Lancashire Schools too. They were the days before Bispham. I ran some great times on the old cinder track at Stanley Park in the days of Squadron Leader Brooks.

Friday however was different really very disappointing - something like 30 minutes. Oh Well........ perhaps I will start training for next year - The older I get the better I was...

However the pix.
From the inside of the track

Lane 1 twenty yards(metres) from the finish line

Looking back to the last bend. Piled round there a few times

There is a chair leg on the track - that is unthinkable, times have changed.
I was going to carry the camera but I shoved it in the hands of the redoubtable Ramsay and attempted to catch the disappearing pack. Always late!

My last two times on the track were at the Mid Lanc's championships a couple of years ago when I point scored for Lytham Road Runners in the Javelin and also completing the Manchester to Blackpool racewalk in 2007. One of my best ever finishes.

Jules if you read this  - Remember '69

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