Sunday, 6 May 2012

Highfield School, a run, and a whoopsie with the camper!

Well its actually going to happen. Highfield School is being flattened and replaced with a brand new spanker. The school is now starting to overshadow the old school and is on 3 stories. Walked round the school on the 4th of May, they had an open day where ex pupils could visit. Spotted a fair number of current students - most surprised to see me there!

Libra - All 12 Signs are on the sides of one of the main buildings
Remarkably good condition. They have been preserved from the elements by an outer
covering of glass. Amazingly it seems that none are damaged!

Looks like a 2 story building - but its not!
Possible just to see the stained glass in the upper lights.
Fortunately or just good fortune the light from outside was balanced by the flash.
There were 2 large rooms that had stained glass in the upper lights.
However I was cornered by Mr Evans the Head. Explained my purpose. Remarked that I had not been able to complete the photos of some of the stained glass. He moved curtains for me. He did seem surprised that the Roll of Honour had never been acknowledged as existing. I had hoped that there was one. The school had been built before WW2.The Roll of Honour/Memorial will be on the Memorials blog. There will of course be a Jol's Datastore too.

Its good to hear that the wonderful stained glass and the memorial as well as some of the stone work will be installed in the new build.  A fine chap Mr Evans. I particularly liked the stone door frames too. I think one of those is going to be preserved too

Got the running bug again. Nailed Gollum and felt OK! Sounds pretty painful, but for those who know....

Millie the ancient camper is teasing me again. As soon as I cure the leak in the sink the piggin' thing refuses to pump water so I can really check it. AArgh...

Worked when I camped out.

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