Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lots going on

Managed to "sort of" finish the bike for the Fred Whitton adventure. Decided it's so scary, not looked at the blogs, the pictures or anything - seems not only a long way but actually quite hilly - help! Looking at some of the fantastic and seriously expensive hardware about on the ride makes me feel seriously inadequate too. But...
Have done miles... and spent time on the turbo...  We will see. It will have to be a big April or it will definitely be a trip to Hell.

Manage to complete 4 wheels. They all look good 2 are to sell, they will go on Ebay soon. The other 2 are for the "Fred"

My latest purchase is a genuine Brooks saddle. It looks sensational... but feels really hard - only hacked out 20 miles on it so far but really looks the business. Its sort of moulding itself to me... I hope. It does look sort of odd on a mountain bike. I think all the detailed info should be on a "Tools of the Trade page" for the bike.

Now logging info on Strava too.

Its the 2 Crosses tomorrow - there is certainly a very mixed weather forecast for tomorrow. It certainly won't be as cold as it has been. Going with Rik - He will finish miles ahead of me. But I should get a good run. There are places I want to go to on the way home!


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